Jamie Mackenzie Using Digital Riches to Enhance Learning
Link for our presentation:

Eye contact dropped from 90 - 20% - people buried in the technology
Check out Sherry Tuttle's book. Independent Mind
Visual thesaurus: - mindware

Check out his literacies
dove movies
Slob video what is the message - where does it belong on the texanomy?

You tube The Word - about wikipedia The Colbert Report

The Role of ICT in the PYP - Maggie Hos Mcgrane Team leader of the Information Communicatin and Learning dept

Coaches and mentors with classroom teachers
Document coming out in April or May of this year
Increase / decrease in emphasis
Empower all teachers to use it
Change into a process related rather than product related
Investigate> Digital citizenship>organise>create>colloborate>
6 Strands in the PYP
Investigate - carry out a purposeful inquiry

Set up Google custom search - primary and secondary key words - note taking - IT labs
Use noodle bib tools - introduced by librarian

Be responsible create organise collaborate communicate investigate
Write the new strands into the document

Organise > create> Create at home > collaborate >
Prezi meeting to work on same page at same time.

Communicate - introduce them to different tools and the students then choose
Provide relevant and comments
Assessment - peer assessment

Bitstrips, zimmertwins, storybird voicethread. Photos of different tablaux and then speech over.
Explore the tools and get kids to look at it

Not allowed to have more than 6 words on a slide - oral presentation
Spicy nodes

SAMR model - Substitution
Augmentation - Enhancement Will be there to help them but the teacher leads

Have list of what is expected at each level
Transformation: Modification - task redesign through tech. IT teacher leads
Redefininition - Led by IT teacher

Not teaching skills Just in time skills

Summative assessment - Have a summative assessment where they have to use technology. eg Tell a digital story with conflict.

Other things from maggie
Google Apps for Edn - school domain - calendar, photos, Blogger,picknik, maps Blogger > set up as domain

Check out Google Apps for edn - London
Posterus - check out for blogging for students

doink - simple machines

Purplemash - Online graphing Daniel 2 simple

See Maggies suggestion for web 2 tools - e-mails

21st century Transform Connect - Silvia

Video conferencing: Preparing kids for all the skills
Information can come from all kinds of literacy
Expand the walls
How do you filter the information

ecamm to record the screen
Skype in education

Backchanelling - Twitter - talking about what is going on with people who are not there. Todays meet create own private chat room - documenting the data


Google forms - use for data collection with standard questions eg

Information station - people who answer the question and pass it badk

Debrief as a group on the backchannel. Back channel cleanup - post to Google docs / wiki

Information Literacy ( evaluate, analyse, categorise)

David Warlick
Internet/Information Ethics Right and Wrong on the Information Highway

Have to be skilled to finding information and making good choices

Three issues involved - information ownership. Info Ownership. Combating plagerism

Copyright protects copyright:
The creative rights of one who created culture.
Info reliability -

Students and Teachers Information Code of Responsibility
seek Truth and express it.

Be accountable - admit mistakes and corrct them
Respect information and its Infrastructure

Harnessing the Perfect Storm - David Warlick
Backchat event code idave0326
The 21st century learner must be prepared to stand up and say they don't know and find out for the next session.

Need to teach them how to use digital material. Last year only 1/100th of 1% of available material was printed.

We have to prepare the kids for something we do not know - changing too fast

Where we go from here?
jennifer James - Mater leader,
creative leader in education - someone who can tell a story
fit the mkt place preparing them for an unpredictable future - they are different from us, no recollection of the 20 century. They are part of group - social networks carries friends with them in - hypoconnected. They know how to get in touch with people to help them - tools etc

Kids have an amazing amount of experience in virtual worlds - need to understand even though we might not like about. It is not about technology but information and communication in the centre of it. Think about a different information environment. There is a difference in the way that children think about material - it is raw material - what can you do with it, mix it etc . For us it was oftern the end product.

resonate with deeply held values
Can you trust the article - think about wikipedia - don't know editor, could be there sense of what it means to be literate has changed and expanded.

Preparing a new generation of learner - within a new information environment for a future we cannot predict.

Perhaps the best thing we can teach the students is how teach kids to teach themselves. When have we been able to publish that we are not afraid to the whole world

Word clouds more than just fluff

Use of Piraten pad to find out what people know. Copy and paste and put into wordle - can remove common words

Save to public diary anononomous - copy and paste the the URL and put into your bog

Use tildas to combine words in wordle

Taxedo - useful for putting into a certain shape - check to see what you can take out.Needs silverlight
Get students to compare two kinds of word clouds. This can be used to compare two pieces of writing about the same article - visual way to see bias and number of words used.

Can remove common things, can also remove words by right clicking on the words and deleting them - great for differentiating. Practice vocabulary - make headlines, also used for editing purposes.

Use Wordle as a pre sift tool.

Can then put into Word Sift - not so fun - takes out the common words - sort by common to rare. Great to be able to sort out words where a student could vary his words eg if good is in - click on it - get a visual thesaurus - can then pick on which one would like to use. Also sorts through where it is in the document they want to use. Great tool to help students vary their writing

Use tildas to combine words in wordle

ABCya Great for K - 2

Do not have to log in

Smart Boards at FIS

Buy smart board touch pens for kids
Potential benefits of Smart boards - uses as a collaborative tool. Need regular training. Faculty training during orienation , PD days, curriculum meetings and ongoing during and after school.
Assistant training sessions on PD days.
substitute training - necesarry for them to feel comfortable with smartboard.
ongoing training has to match the fact that more users keep on coming - how do you deal with new staff
evaluating the impact on student learning - qualitative rathe than quantative

What kinds of the things do you do with smart board
Daily depositer? check out

Great for interactive web sites

Faculty survey
How often do you use the Smart boards

Reasons cited for this were

Not using reasons: Not enough time to make resources and training

Board needs orientatin
Board not reacting
Board goes Blue or "plaid"
pens won't write on
delay in response pens or touch

Warren Apel

IPads for learning

VGA connector - has been added to the iPad 2

Collaborative - easily on
Intuitive interface - kids figure it out - show our video

Show use of both with iPod touches with other technology in the class

Movie with voice background with story arch - takes them through the stages

Motion math - teaches fractions in a full. Things built into a devise that can just be used to learn educationally

Build for one to one. - creating accounts. Can be a problem with sharing. Make accounts - generic accounts . Make screen shot of drawing programme - eg Number 1 - use as wallpaper to make each one different

Make iphone configeration utility - name of wiki signal, - give e-mail etc - send out to all ipod touches.

Names for each device - you can have any number of accounts synced to one computer. Bulk corperate buying programme - code does not exist in Europe

Each group will have a manager - in K case one manager. (Take photo of ipods charging and syncing). Don't buy apps on the devise, buy the stuff on the computer and sync out to all the others. Have disabled this in the preferences - also stops kids downloading apps as activated for 5 minutes

Stores: Purchase from a store in the currency of the country. Need to buy things from that store - gift cards

Lets download apps from other stores. - Go to country - download a free app > click on free app > create account > choose pay later. > have then created an account in that country that can download free apps . Might be able to use

Airprint on the manager computer: - put on the iPod touch - can print through that computer

Share - able to set up share onto other computers onto 5 other devises - who is shared.

Able to do on a PC in IT tunes

Easy to wrap back to factory settings and start again.

Sharing to be able to get apps from other stores.

Apps: Reads to them - shows where it is, interactive by clicking on the pictures - ties it together - can learn on their own. Show photos

Toontastic, Storykit,

Montissorium sandpaper idea - but get sound

Web cam for showing students what to do.

Sound note - can play back what was said - used for elaborating on evaluation. Export as a pdf

Splashtop - seemless interface into computer

Doseriy - lets you control other things on the computer

Dropbox - can share from one devise to another. On desktop set up drop box and can then open on devise

Can't lock things down - kids can overwrite peoples work - have to set agreements.

Presentation zen - book to do with presentations - look up

Prezi, Google Docs and voice thread collaboration possibliites for Primary schools Alexandra Roosenburg

Multiple perspectives
Multiple learning styles and creates a well rounded final project
can allow for more elaborate and detailed projects
Peer support/ peer to peer learning

Can set up to zoom into things.

Voicethread - field trip - get students to comment on it, Poetry - read it and get students to comment

Google docs - can make a copy of a document save as their own document do the work and then share will just the teacher. Able to add

Other Info:


Suggestions for iPod apps.

soundmatrix Beebot programme Ocarina smule

audioboo - Record - puts it onto the audioboo web site - 5 minutes max - do you want to add a photo - switches to camera - can add location and gps setting. Kids go around the garden, record, take a picture ( from gareth Davis -n Judy - email in The Hague
Suggestions for apps
teachers pick

Random activity generator for adults

Learn time- lite
math train